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You can practice in pvp with other players, your friends or bots using kits of all kinds! You will be able to rival your fight thanks to replays and with many victories you can climb the rankings!
Ours is a server of Italian origin and we aim to be as original as possible. In fact, our methods as far as they can be common but contain some detail. We try to extend throughout Europe and bring fun to anyone who sets foot in our server! Well then you too come into our server noh?

Ip: mc.kay-es.com
Combine Prison and bardin and get liberty! In fact this mode has the rank and the Prison mines, but it also contains a bardin world that can be protected so as not to get grieffed!

Server Status

The server is

Report a player or a bug, chat with friends, view the news and more! Visit the forum and enjoy it :D
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